The air seems crisper and cleaner; the sky is bluer, or perhaps the storm- more intense. The snow slowly slides by, and it’s just you, your beating heart and your increasing respiration as the slope, and ascent–increases. Thoughts of obtaining your objective run through your mind, one upward step at a time. The switchbacks and bootpacks slowly recede, and the top is attained. The endorphins fade as the adrenaline increases. Skins are stripped, gear is checked, and your objective lies before you. An untracked slope, yours for the taking. The adventure is yours, and although it is always a different day, and a different experience, it’s also somehow familiar. This is the wild adventure you seek in the world of backcountry snow.

It can be a pre-dawn start in the darkness, or a few laps on a sunny afternoon. Maybe a quick jaunt for a brief taste of powder, or a multi-day hut excursion. Perhaps your adventure is a self-supported traverse or a guide-led circuit, close to home, or worlds away. Whatever your backcountry snow experience is, seasoned or newcomer, telemark or AT, splitboard or mountaineering, we all seek the bounty that the Western U.S. has to offer. Discover the adventure, and find your next, in ASCENT-Backcountry Snow Journal, powered by people in the backcountry.

Backcountry skiing participation has seen solid and consistent growth over the past several years, with notably large increases when compared to the alpine and snowboarding markets, with the Western U.S. being the driving force in the marketplace. Ascent-Backcountry Snow Journal is a free publication distributed throughout the Western U.S. that focuses on the traditional human powered aspects of the sport, while providing inspiration for those new to the realm of backcountry skiing, splitboarding, and ski mountaineering.

Ascent is a full gloss publication, printed on quality bright stock driven by intriguing editorial and captivating images of backcountry skiing from around the globe. Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal is printed 3 times a year with issues releasing in October, December, and February. An accompanying and dynamic website,, provides an online component to the print version. While the magazine is distributed for free around the western US, availability has proven scarce, and a seasonal subscription is available, guaranteeing delivery via first-class US Mail to your door.

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