We all carry the same mandatory gear in our packs when out for a ski tour- shovels, med kit, extra clothes, etc…, the one component that is often highly variable that is necessary for a day out is food. If you’re going out for a full day or a few hours, you always carry something to fuel you along. Traditionally, due to it’s easy packability is the humble energy bar. We’ve all gone through many different brands, often find a favorite, and usually stick with what works. Of course it’s always good to try new flavors and different brands to mix it up, and maybe find a new favorite. I was provided a supply of Kate’s Real Food Bars this past winter, and now it’s my regular energy bar in my bag. Kate Schade was spending her time skiing in Jackson durning the day, and waiting tables at night. In 2010 she started tinkering with her own recipes using organic ingredients to create her own energy bars, and came up with the Tram Bar- named in homage to the iconic Jackson Hole tram, where she  passed out the bar in line to her friends. As many small entrepreneurs progress, she eventually ended up selling them, and expanding her recipe line. Today the line is stocked with 7 different flavors.

A welcome change from the bland taste of other bars, Kate’s uses all organic ingredients including gluten free oats, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, almond butter, sesame seeds, cacao, coconut and dried fruits. All of the bars are deliciously sweetened with all natural honey, and the bars that combine sweet and salty will get you hooked. Favorites include the original milk chocolate and peanut butter Tram Bar, the peanut butter and dark chocolate Grizzly Bar, the dark chocolate, cherry and almond Handle Bar, and I’m particularly wild about the new dark chocolate mint bar. All flavors are conveniently packaged and available for purchase in packs of 6, 12, a ‘two of each’ 12 pack, and they are also available in packets of ‘snack bites, perfect for keeping you fueled on throughout the day. All of the products are easily chewed and simple to eat on the go, and even on the coldest days I can take a good bite into one without fear of cracking a tooth- unlike some others bars that seize up tight.

Available at your local retailer, or health food store, or specialty grocer, or online, a box of twelve sells for $29.88 online at katesrealfood.com. Give ’em a try, and I think you’ll find a new and delicious energy snack for your log days out.

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